Rebuilding an online bonsai education platform.

First launched in 2017, Mirai Live is a video-based educational platform that teaches the historically secretive art of bonsai. The learning centers around interactive livestreams and lessons led by world-renowned bonsai artist, Ryan Neil.

With a growing content library and interest from a global audience, Ryan sought to re-imagine the platform. Workshops and an in-depth audit of the platform uncovered opportunities for improvement. Content organization, membership structure, and personalization became the focus moving forward.

After months of work, a well organized platform emerged, with a simplified membership structure and refined database. A new on-boarding process powers a simple, personalized dashboard to help members stay on track and discover content based on their location, goals and interests.

The content library was re-organized to meet the needs a growing collection of nuanced training. A complete redesign of the interface distinguishes the educational aspects of Mirai from the art-driven core of the brand.

Credits: Engineering and technical direction by Mike Creighton. Product management, writing and technical QA by Kendall Strautman. Mirai brand design by OMFGCO. Photography and cinematography by Ricardo Nagaoka, Arthur Hitchcock and Josh Sales.